Sunday, February 6, 2011

The ice is finally melting

The ice damns in our gutters are finally melting.  The windows in one of our rooms has been dripping water for Three days.  My husband cleared as much snow off the roof as he could reach and then took my old pantyhose and filled them with calcium chloride to melt the ice and snow and create channels for the water to run.  Today there is no leak!!!  He is a hard worker.

Here is a new necklace I made.

Here are some pictures of my workspace.  The old linoleum floor is so ugly but we will change that eventually.

 If you love homemade bread but are intimidated by making it, this book is for you.  The book teaches you how to make a big batch of bread with no needing.  Then you can store what you don't bake right away.  When you want a fresh loaf you cut a piece of the dough, shape it, let is rise for 40 minutes, bake it, and then your family bows to you in delight.
 Here is some I made.
      Have a great day.  Leave me a comment if you can.


  1. I have that book too. Love it. I like to make the basic bread in the herb version (rosemary and thyme added). It is so good dipped in olive oil. I am never without a batch of that in the fridge. As a matter of fact I'm just about to make some for tonight.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment!! Have you tried making the Rye bread? It is delich, especially if you make rubens with it. Yum